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I have an EVA 4100 model with 2 enclosures, I have created 2 Disk groups, one of them contains 10 * 300 GB 15k, this Disk Group has 1 LUN RAID 5, I have set protection level to single. last month I have replaced one of the drives. but after that I found that the protection level has change to none, and the data has been distributed and leveled on the 10 Drives, so now I have not been using the total space of the drives.

the real size of the Drive is 279GB
the used Space is 223GB
if you calculate the free space it should be  (279-223)*10 = 560GB  *which is the 2 drives I have set for protection.
on the EVA command view the free space is showing the following.

Vraid0   475.42 GB
Vraid1   237.76 GB
Vraid5   380.38 GB

I tried to change the protection level back to single "which as I know uses two drives", but I am getting a message that is saying there is no enough space.

now I need to make sure that the Data is migrated to 8 drives, and set back the protection level to single.
is there any way to do that

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is the question clear guys???? no one can help!!!!!!

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