L 99 99 99 99 99 99... displaying in bootup

I got Debian 4.0 server, when I bootup, it shows L 99 99 99 99 99 ..
Is there a way to fix this without  formatting the drive? I need all the configuration files and services.
Can anyone please help me?
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ibu1Senior System AdministratorCommented:
The problem seems to be in LILO.Refer here for more information

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ibu1Senior System AdministratorCommented:
Here is the tutorial for LILO,if u dont know more detail about lilo configuration.
toffee_natividadAuthor Commented:
Do you think this is fixable? My services and files will be restored?
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Depends. If it's only lilo which got corrupted, then surely yes - simply got the recovery disk (or any livecd distro), boot to Your partition (or chroot after boot) and reinstall lilo. The link above is good start.
toffee_natividadAuthor Commented:
tried those links.  The problem is that rescue disk doesn't set the
root to the image on the hard drive to use as root.  

You could find it by yourself? Then mount it...
toffee_natividadAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry what do you mean I can fing it myself? Thanks
Well if You know the partiion where the original OS was installed, then after booting rescueCD/liveCD You could

mkdir /tmp/1
mount /dev/sdXY /tmp/1 # read notes
mount -o bind /proc /tmp/1/proc
chroot /tmp/1 /sbin/lilo

#notes, sdXY mean Y(number) partition on Xth scsi/sata drive.
#to list partitions on given hdd
fdisk -l /dev/sda #or sdb etc.
fdisk -l /dev/hda #or hdb etc.
toffee_natividadAuthor Commented:
thanks. I will give it a try,
toffee_natividadAuthor Commented:
mount -o bind /proc /tmp/1/proc ---> I am sitting next to my supervisor My supervisor is asking, Why is this step necessary?

Thanks a lot
mount -o bind /proc /tmp/1/proc
mount -o bind /dev /tmp/1/dev

when You chroot to /tmp/1 to install lilo, it will require at leasy valid /dev, /proc is good as well.
So as You see I even forgot about the /dev binding.
toffee_natividadAuthor Commented:
I will try this
toffee_natividadAuthor Commented:
tried it raven,,

"fatal: read /vmlinuz: No such device or address
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