adapt process to multi user environment

I have a single user database with a very basic shipping process:
tblPart has a ysn field for "selected" and another ysn field for "shipped".
User select parts to ship.
Then creates the shipment.
A command button executes an append query adds the parts and shipment to tblShipPart and an update query that marks the part as shipped.

I need to adapt my process to a multiuser environment. I could use some points on the adaptations I need to make.

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peter57rConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are going to have to change the way you select parts.
You can't use a field on the parts table for selection, if more than one user could be selecting.

There are several different approaches you could use.
A simple one would be to use a separate table to store selections (tblMyParts).
If you create a continuous form based on this table you could then have a combobox to list the parts and you could select the parts from the list.  You would use this list as the basis of your append query and update query.

However there is still an issue here because potentially every user is using the same table to store their selections.
But part of the change for multi-user is to split the database into two files, using the database splitter tool.
Once split, then  you have a shared 'backend' file called databasename_be, which contains the tables and nothing else and a 'frontend' which contains everything else.  A copy of the frontend goes on each users pc and the backend goes in a shared folder.  It is best to place a copy of the current database into the shared folder first and then do the database split.   That way, the frontend has links to the correct folder established as part of the split.

In the frontend file, before you distribute it to each user, you delete the link  to tblMyParts and import the table from the backend into the frontend.  This will mean that each user has their own copy of the table and so there is no confusions between selections from different users.
eliwilAuthor Commented:
Precisely what I needed. Database is already split. So, this is going to be easier than I thought. Thanks.
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