Folders still visible in PF Instances on E2k3 after "move all replica's" to E2k7. Is is still safe to continue?

About to de-commission the old Exchange 2003 (sp 2) server.  All mailboxes migrated no problem.  All smarthosts now pointing at new 2007 (sp1) Exchange and mail going in and out ok.   Public Folders last thing to migrate, so set up replica's which went ok and have then done a "Move all replica's" to the new 2007 Exchange.  All the folders appear on the new PF management console in E2k7.
On the E2k3 esm there are still 10 folders in the PF Instances folders which will not dissappear. Have run the Move all replica's again and done so using the E2k7 cmdlet as well but they still will not dissappear. Checked all permissions on the folders and ensured they had an owner other than default (I read this elsewhere) but again they are still there.

Two questions please:
1. Any idea how to force them over (although they do appear to be on the E2k7)
2. If I am happy that the content is actually on the E2K7 server will there be any major repurcussion if I carry on with the migration and move the PF Folder hierarchy to the new server and delete RUS/decommission the old server. Will I be able to get rid of the PF database on the old server if these folders still appear in the PF Instances.
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nchtConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Manually copied folders from within Outlook to archive folder. Deleted problem public folders which removed from instances folder.  Deleted old PF database, moved hierarchy to new E2K7 server and copied problem folders back in via outlook. All OK.
If you are sure that data is moved and you are satisfied with Ex2k7 PF data then you can remove the replica of Ex2k3 from those PFs.

Once all PFs are moved then only you can remove PF database.
nchtAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response. Had a look and problem is:

In the E2k3 ESM PF Instances folder the 8 folders which still appear all have the new E2k7 server as a replication partner and the remove option is greyed out.(which means I assume I cannot delte the folders)
In the PF mgmt console the 8 folders from above are all there but in the replication tab the only entry is to the E2k7 server itself and nothing pointing to the E2k3 server so I am struggling to break the link as there is nothing to delete.


nchtAuthor Commented:
Just to add that all the folders still visible in PF Instances are team/meeting room calendars and less than 3mb in size so would have expected them to have moved after 2-3days.
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