generating header from table of contents

is it possible in word 2003 to get the page header to automatically display the relevant section heading from the table of contents. lets say you have the following toc

1. word
  1.1 creating toc
   1.2 columns

2. excel
   2.1 formulae

the page showing section 1.2 columns would have the 'chapter' title 'word' in the header

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Eric FletcherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The STYLEREF field is designed to do this. If the style used for "1. word" and "3. excel" was, say, "Heading 1", you could use a field like { STYLEREF "Heading 1" } to have it display the current Heading 1 style in a page header.

If you use this method, you wouldn't need to have a new section.
You could bookmark the heading text in the TOC, but the bookmark wouldn't survive rebuilding the TOC.

The simplest way would be to bookmark the heading directly and to put a REF field pointing to it on the header.
Another thing to remember is that a Header is intended to carry over between pages. To be certain that the page has a new Header you would need to use a seperate Section for it.
andiejeAuthor Commented:
given the information in eric's answer i found this document

i shall investigate this further
andiejeAuthor Commented:
many thanks
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