I have an SBS Server 2003 with a DAT 160 Tape Drive backing up to HP DAT 160 Tapes.  We use the free HP Data Protector Express 3.50-sp2.  Backup was working OK until recently when the tape is being ejected with the error message of Error 1400: Alert - Wrong Media.

Please advise.
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cluebeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like a hardware defect. Try using "ntbackup" to see if your can backup to tape.
carlsiyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check the  type of tape that you are inserting might be that the tapes aren't the same as it was before?
themusicloverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
is there any error on the drive
if yes then maybe you can disconnect the scsi and try to load the drive in the library through web console or operator panel
try some diagnostic s\w to test the drive
Thomas RushConnect With a Mentor Commented:
HP provides the free Library and Tape Tools software (find the download starting at www.hp.com/go/tape ).  In L&TT, you can run diagnostics to see if the tape drive is healthy, upgrade to the latest firmware, run performance tests... and generate a support ticket for the drive that can help us or HP figure out what might be wrong.

I also have a couple of ideas for things that might be causing the problem:
- Is it possible you told DP Express to use a particular tape for this job, and you're inserting a different tape?
- Is it possible that the tape was used by another backup application, and can't be written to by DP Express until it's formatted?
- Is it possible that the tape you're using is full?
- If it's a new tape, have you formatted it recently, or can you try writing to a freshly formatted tape?

Hope this helps.   If the three questions aren't applicable, then use L&TT to run the connectivity and read/write tests (caution: use new media, the tests destroy any data on the tape).  If L&TT says all is OK, generate a support ticket and post it here.
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