Why won't my HP ML310 G1 server boot using a recently downloaded version of SmartSmart 8.10, but an older version (7.15) successfully boots ?

Why won't my HP ML310 G1 server boot using a recently downloaded most up-to-date version of SmartStart (version 8.10) but it will with the older version 7.15 ??? There is currently Windows 2003 Server on it and I wish to completely rebuild the server. With the new SmartSmart 8.10 the server boots into Windows 2003, but with the 7.15 SmartStart version the server boots up into SmartStart.
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I can't find documentation to confirm, but I'm suspecting it's not supported.  The ML310 G1 is quite old, and I believe was from the Compaq family before HP acquired them.

Is there a sepcific reason you want to use the 8.x version?
M1chael_Ham1lt0nAuthor Commented:
OK, thats what I thought. The reason to want to use 8.x version ? No reason other than its the latest and I just wanted to check it was not me being a "plum" and doing something wrong.

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