windows 2003 dhcp server

hi i need to create a windows 2003 dhcp server i need assistance on how to do this does any one have any detailed step by step document on how to do this
i am creating this dhcp on a windows 2003 dc
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tigermattConnect With a Mentor Commented:

It's quite easy. You need to install the DHCP Server role, which can be performed in the 'Manage your Server' wizard. The installation procedure will add a 'DHCP' option to the Control Panel > Administrative Tools area, where you can then launch the DHCP console to manage the server.

You then create a scope, specify the range of addresses the server can distribute and enter in the Router IP, DNS Servers etc. See if this helps you, it doesn't matter it is for Windows 2000 as the procedure is the same:

haim96Connect With a Mentor Commented:
some things to know:
make sure this is your only server. if you have another one, make sure that you authorize the server to activate it.
(if this is the first one it automatically authorized)
beside that (if you have another server), make sure not duplicate the scopes ranges.
you must remember that the second DHCP server could be your network gear and not only a windows server...

don't forget to set the DHCP server option with the proper setting of gatway, DNS, WINS etc...

good luck!
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