Nokia E71 cannot sync with Outlook Email Offline


I just purchased a Nokia E71 and I am able to sync outlook contact, to-do, etc offline EXCEPT for email using the Nokia PC Suite.

May I know if someone can have experienced this and resolve this issue?

Many thanks in advance.

Terence Ng
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nchtConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Might not be exactly what you want but just in case:
We use E71's extensively via OWA. To do so download the Nokia "Mail for Exchange" suite from

You have to ebable the active sync feature in the users account.
tszwangAuthor Commented:

I am looking for a offline solution. In other words, I just want to sync the existing emails from the outlook in my computer, without connecting to the mail server. Is this possible with mail for exchange?

Terence Ng
Unresolved threads are really annoying.
I have another (sideways) soliution (which worked on my Nokia E63:
- Use WiFi and mail for exchange BUT use your 'local only' Email Server name (i.e. won't work over the internet) e.g. emailServer.CompanyName.local, it works!

Obviously this is not 'syncing with outlook' so if anyone does have a solution, it would still be nice.
- Only works 'in the office' (well inside your company firewall)
- You NEED MS Exchange with Httpmail enabled.
- But the benifit is it shall NOT start working (and Costing) on your Mobile internet connection.

I think Nokia have taken away 'email - PC sync' when they have given us mail for Exchange, but it is FAR from Clear, see below:

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