oppinion required re this sodtware

I am looking for a windows based solution to automatically backup MYSQL database. After searching this site this software (SQLyog) was mentioned. Has anyone used this ? what are your thoughts about it? Is it good. I know there is a trial and I will give it a try but some user feedback is always nice. Do you know of any other backup tools for windows?
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UmeshMySQL Principle Technical Support EngineerCommented:
I personally use SQlYog and its really good to for development/dba activities... But I never tried auto backup sort of thing from it.. I guess Scheduled Backup can be done from 'powertool' in SQLyog. You can backup everything from the databases where you have SELECT privelege.

Also, checkout free GUI tool from MySQL ..which also allow you to schedule backup..

StiflerMTAuthor Commented:
Nice reply, i have the GUI tool but SQLyog seems very powerful and my clients are not so IT experience so a nice simple to use GUI is ideal for them.  
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