Recover deleted mailbox after 30 days rention period expire

please tell me the best way to restore / recover a deleted mailbox after 30 day rention period passed.

I know we can use mailbox recovery center and reconnect mailbox within grace period but what if 30 days period has passed and i have to restore from backup using recovery storage group.
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sandeep_narkhedeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OKay..Since the mailbox has been deleted you wont be able to extract using Exmerge as you rightly said that the "msExchMailboxGUID" has changed. Follow the workaround listed in the below article, by this you will be able to make the RSG behave like normal storage group & you will be able to actually reconnect the mailbox to a new account & exmerge it.

another one that talks about the same is

this works & i have done this millian times
All you will need to do is to restore the mailbox from the last full backup at the recovery storage group.

Run the mailbox cleanup agent  and then reconnect the mailbox to a user account that you would need to create in the active directory .

Once the mailbox is connected then you can use exmerge to extract the data from the mailbox at the server end.
How to recover or to restore a single mailbox in Exchange Server 2003
tech2010Author Commented:
Let me briefly explain what problem i am having. I already know all information you provided me (Greesh hem).

My mailbox rention period has expired so i have created Recovery Storage Group and restored Full backup into mailbox store under Recovery Stoage Group. everything is fine up till here. Now when i expand mailbox storage and goto mailboxes i can see my lost mailbox with RED corss (X) so i then run exmerge to move that mailbox from recovery storage group to the orginal storage group I get error in exmerge saying "An error was encountered with one or more users when retrieving the list of mailboxes homed in the selected databases on server .....please refer to exmerge.log" so when i look into exmerge.log the error tells about the msExchMailboxGUID.

Whats happening because the user mailbox has been purged from active directory so when exmerge run it matches or find GUID against the users mailbox list under recover storage group mailbox store with the orginal mailbox store and could not find that match so report the error.

I found the workarroung from microsoft website but it does not work for me

After reading the link sent by AmitTank I was bit of disappointed because in the link it says that in order to restore/recove the deleted mailbox after rention period expired I need to build seperate recovery server with the same names. On the other hand i was under the impression that since Exchange 2003 came in the market, seperate exchange server for recovery no longer need and we can restore backup into the same server using recovery storage group. But in this situation it does not 100% true because i amd able to restore into recovery stoage group successfully but when i recover using exmerge i get error.

please let me out from this problem and clearify if it is really possible to restore on the same server without creating another exchange server? And tell me the exact and right way.

thanks alot.
tech2010Author Commented:
Great stuff. Awesome. It really worked perfectly.
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