Saving docx files in Office 2003

I am working in Office 2003 and have the Office 2007 compatibility pack installed.  I am receiving docx files from my co-workers and then making changes to those documents and emailing them back to my co-workers.  Once I save the changes to the docx files a dialog box pops up and says " *.docx may contain features that are not compatible with Word 2007 Document format.  Do you want to save the document in this format?"  Are all of my changes getting saved?  Which featurres are they talking about here?


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Sebastian LennskogConnect With a Mentor System consultant, Data centerCommented:
Hi geejmauriva!

The 2003 and 2007 are saving in different formats as you know, but with the 2007 pack you can read all changes made in the 2007 (docx.) with office 2003. When you are saving in 2003 and open the same file again, are there something different from when you saved it last time? Probably not, it should look the same and the compatibility is something I think you shouldn't bother. The differences would be perhaps be some graphics that cannot render in the same way, if you are just using text and formatting there is no problem.

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