Cannot delete an empty directory with permissions 775 on Apache server


I cannot delete a certain empty directory on my server, the structure is :


The permissions on b, w and t directories are 777, and on the garden-log it is 775, i even cannot change the permissions or the name of that directory. My server is on a unix system with apache server installed. I can execute php, shtml scripts / code, i have admin rights on ftp, is there a way to delete that directory?
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jamespbyrneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can not change files, or delete files within a 755 directory. It needs to be a 777 to change. Yout could go to the shell of unix and do a chmod. Let me know if that works.
PeterdeBAuthor Commented:
heey the permissions were set to 775 instead of 755, there was no way to change the directory, like you said, i had to contact the webhost, thank you for your help
PeterdeBAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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