How do you ask for an internship

Hello Experts,

I want to do my internship in a video game company.

I do not know if the company offers internship position in the field that I want. I am interested in path finding algorithms, AI, game engine,multicore programing. Basically I want to learn what makes a game tick and tack. (Math, Math, Math and Math).

Here is my question:

1. Do I sent a letter without a resume asking them if they offer an internship position and sent my resume later if they confirm that they offer an internship position, or do I include my resume in the first letter?  

2. If they answer that they do not offer such a position and if you have not sent them your resume with the first letter what will happen if you sent it anyway? Is there a chance that they can change their position (if it has nothing to do with their budget) from something you have done?
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
I would suggest you always enclose a copy of your resume.
Certainly mention your particular interest in AI etc and if you can describe something relevant you have already been involved in that will also help.
Remember the company will want you placed where it meets their immediate needs not yours, but if they see you have a flair for particular projects you may find you get to work in the areas you have most interest & skill.

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I will agree with Masqueraid. ALWAYS enclose a copy of your CV. First of all it might intrigue them on your skills. Second it shows that you are ready to work and eager to it and not just asking and thinking of it. it is important to accept at first any job. its not a movie cliche that of paperboy evolving to top editor. At least not if you try hard for it. After some time if you are not pleased you can quit having the experience.
Good luck!!!
I would agree with the above comments.  Another possibility is to find out who the HR rep is for the company and phone them directly within a day or two of sending your request to see if they have received it.  Do some homework on the company first so you will be prepared to talk with the HR rep if they have some questions via the phone.
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I personally would contact their HR department, and simply ASK if they have an internship program.

If so, you can talk to them about what the process is, to move thru the process.

Unfortunately, in this day of MONSTER and such, it's almost impossible to reach HR; they generally don't publish their telephone numbers.

If the company is large enough to be public, call their Investor Relations phone number.  Explain your plight to the nice person on the other side of the phone, and do your level best to get the email address of an appropriate party.

I know that every time I run an ad for a job on Monster, I receive literally 100s of resumes in the first day... and I have absolutely no time to give each one the consideration it deserves.  You don't want to wind up in that trap.

Good luck,
ChoklanderAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for the replays. I will give each of you points.
ChoklanderAuthor Commented:
One last thing. Do you e-mail them or do you send them by post or by fedex? I read how resumes end up in the trash bins but we live in the 21st century.

Which one is requested?
Each HR dept is different.  Ours accepts mail and email but those that end up not being reviewed usually is because they didn't follow directions for each job posting.
I believe you should contact them and if it is possible for you drop by and give it them pesrsonally.
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