How to create Shortcut for Public Folder in Outlook 2003

We have prepared some IT user manuals (several PDF files) and stored them in Exchange Server 2003 Public folder. Users are given read only permission to access and read these manuals in Outlook 2003. We want to create shortcut for this public folder in Outlook 2003 main window. This can be like an icon or web address on the toolbar/menu bar. When users will click on this shortcut, they will directly go to this public folder, instead of browsing through the PB hierarchy. Is this possible, if then how can we do that?  

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BGTSLLCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Yes it is.

Right click on the folder and select  "send link to this folder".  It will put the actual link within an email.  I would recommend that you simply copy this to a shared drive on the server and then copy it to the appropriate desktops/laptops.

Save a copy for future use also.
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