Windows SBS 2003 MICROSOFT##SSEE - Taking up lots of CPU usage and memory

Got a Windows SBS 2003 setup. There are 3 SQL services, 2 are absolutely fine, but one of them will start off consuming 250MB of RAM and will increase to over 500 the longer the server has been up. I tracked down the PID to MICROSOFT##SSEE.
This process will occasionally consume 50 - 70% of the CPU for a few minutes. I'm not sure what this particular instance is used for, so input on that first would be great. Also the performance and monitoring snap in, in server management will just crash out. When trying to open up the performance and monitoring snap in, the server will sit there for 5 minutes saying loading and the CPU goes sky high with this sqlservice being the culprit.
Any ideas of how to remedy this will be greatly appreciated.
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MICROSOFT##SSEE is an instance of Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition.  It is the Free version of Microsot SQL Server that gets installed by default with a lot of applications, like Sharepoint, for example.

A lot of Microsoft Applications use the Express Edition of SQL Server, without the user ever realizing that SQL server is even necessary for that application.

So, it might be doing a lot.  You can access that instance of SQL Server just like any other instance using the SQL Server client.  (I think for your version the client is called Enterprise Manager.)
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