Windows vista ultimate only boots into repair mode

I am working on a friends computer that won't turn on.  Every time i boot it, even if i hit F8 and select safe mode, it boots into the windows vista repair mode. It then says that it has run into an error and can't repair anything.  It also says that there aren't any recovery points to restore back to.

I know almost nothing about vista(xp guy)

The laptop is a dell inpiron 1525 running windows vista ultimate.

When i open the error report, it gives the following information

problem event name StartupRepairV2

Corrupt File
Corrupt File
Os Version 6.0.6000.
Local ID 1033
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Hi build18er,

You need use a bootable CD to help you get out that repair mode loop.

Below link has the same problem as you. He solved it by download and burn a Knoppix CD. Please read this first:

Knoppix CD Tutorial:

Just follow the instruction and you should be fine. If still no luck you may want to try reinstall.

Good luck.
build18erAuthor Commented:
i am confused as to what i do once i am booted into knoppix
Windows Vista: Dell Factory Image Restore
1 Turn on the computer. When the Dell logo appears, press <F8> several
times to access the Vista Advanced Boot Options window.
2 Select Repair Your Computer.
The System Recovery Options window appears.
3 Select a keyboard layout and click Next.
4 To access the recovery options, log on as a local user. To access the
command prompt, type administrator in the User name field, then
click OK.
5 Click Dell Factory Image Restore.
NOTE: Depending upon your configuration, you may need to select Dell
Factory Tools, then Dell Factory Image Restore.
The Dell Factory Image Restore welcome screen appears.
6 Click Next.
The Confirm Data Deletion screen appears.
NOTICE: If you do not want to proceed with Factory Image Restore, click Cancel.
7 Click the check box to confirm that you want to continue reformatting the
hard drive and restoring the system software to the factory condition, and
then click Next.
The restore process begins and may take five or more minutes to complete.
A message appears when the operating system and factory-installed
applications have been restored to factory condition.
8 Click Finish to reboot the system.

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build18erAuthor Commented:
i am looking to keep the data...

is there a repair install like in xp, or do you know what i am supposed to do with knoppix?
Follow instructions here get to the point where you can open command prompt.Once you have it open then type chkdsk/f
build18erAuthor Commented:
i ran chkdsk /f, it said it fixed some errors, rebooted the computer, the issue is still there.
Have you tried running the repair tool again follow instructions in my above link.
Oh I wanted to mention if you do run the dell recovery tool you should have a option to back up files before it starts the recovery.
build18erAuthor Commented:
oh ,ok....i would like to make that the last resort
all  those  solution  are  nice  but they  forgot you  are using  vista, vista  cd  is the perfect tool  to  repair most vista  startup issues
and since i know  dell  do not provide OS CD with most laptops just  boot from any vista cd that you can find and  click  starup  up repair
Open the command prompt again type in fixboot then reboot.If that did'nt work type in fixmbr then reboot let us know what happens.
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Windows Vista

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