video and sound out of sync


I have a video on my digital video camera (nv-gs23).
When i try to put on my PC, to video and sound are out-of-sync.
The movie start a black screen for +-20secs, but the sound starts immediate.

When i last copied from my camera evrything when ok (mid septembed), however now i have thse strange effects.
I connect teh camera via USB to my pc.
When i used Windows movie maker i see that the movie (which is 8minutes) is recorded as a movie of +- 12 mins, but the sound follows the normal speed.
When i view the movie on the digital camera itself, the sound and movie are shown perfectly.

Can anyone help on how i can copy the movie from the camera onto my pc without the above mentioned issue?

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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
I believe that 'may' be an issue of 30 frames per seconds versus 29.97 (or so) on MPEG vs. AVI on the original capture vs. the migration into MovieMaker causing the sound to be off.  Have you tried changing settings either on the camera level or within MovieMaker to change the setup of your movie to something like avi at 29.97 or so frames per second, which "may" be the issue?  
elfieAuthor Commented:
I checked frames per seconds. on the camera itself i can't find anything regarding thsi.
within moviemaker, i can only choose the quality of recording. I played a bit with the different possibilities, but the issues remains the same.
the first image is frozen (or screen is black) for some seconds ( between 10and 20 secs), but the sound start immediate.
I've also seen that the timecounter within movie maker has a  'funny' speed. sometimes it counts 10 seconds, when in reality it should be 5 seconds.

As it used to work back in september, cuold it be some windows update that has an impact on USB devices?

I've also tried to de-install
elfieAuthor Commented:
I tried on an oler laptop, also using windows XP, but with no windows update installed, and there it works fine.
 does anybody maybe knows if there is a windows update/patch between 15september and 15 november that could cause such behavior?
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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
On our XP system withh SP2 and all updates installed, I do not experience this problem, and on that system always install all WindowsUpdates.  I don't think that would be the cause since I can't reproduce it, but then it could be any drivers you may have installed unique to your system and/or driver updates that occurred.  Have you tried running some DirextX diagnostics of all elements, and ensuring that DirectX is updated, as well as your video card drivers?  

I'm on a Vista system today, so can't check the XP machine and things may have changed, but the way I've run diagnostics back then on XP for this type of thing was to choose start-run-msinfo and under tools run the DirectX diagnostics on all items, and check the results.

Some other thoughts come to mind, but don't want to get ahead of myself here until I hear back from you on the test results.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
You might also want to check your system for what restore points you may have that "could" allow you to go back to the timeframe (if you have restore points saved) before the problem surfaced.  Another thought was to check your Event Logs for any oddities... and within MSINFO, check for any hardware or IRQ types of conflicts or problems.  In the event some basic Windows components are corrupted, sfc /scannow with the original XP disc may help.

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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
How many videos have you tried to import from that camera since this problem surfaced, AND have you tried doing the same import of that same problem video again to test in case some background application caused that problem?  When you look at the imported item in MovieMaker2, and expand the timeline thread to see all detail, do you see any blackness where the scene begins?  Just as a possibility, thought if that doesn't show you any problem frame or frames, applying a filter to maybe Slow - Down - Half video effect, that you may find the problem frame and split/delete it to test, returning the clip back to normal when done by removing the video effect, and rerunning to test.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
LAST ITEM FOR THE DAY:  Sorry for the incremental responses here, but really busy and want to get stuff to you as quickly as I can while I can....  The following sounds like your issue, and may be the problem on incompatible file types on your problem system with codecs/encoders or other thoughts, but does sound quite like yours:

Video file will import onto video track but when you play back the file on the timeline or storyboard you only get audio and the preview screen is black. This can happen even if the video file can be seen in the preview window when played back via the collections pane.
Solution - Convert the video file (or other file type) to one of the compatible file types listed above and then re-import.  
Click here for more fromt the source:

Off to work, good luck.  ":0)  Asta

elfieAuthor Commented:
Hi Astaec,

thank for the many comment. i'll try some over the next days.

currently i'm running XP, SP3. As i don't want to mess aroudn with my current system, i freed a harddrive, and will install a second XP, SP2 and check what the result is.

within that version i will play around and try your recommendations to get ot working , in case i have the same issues after the fresh install.

i check the last link you've indicated, but since the generated file was WMV, it's unlikely to be the issue.

i tried to captured two videos and both had the same issue.
regarding the out-of-sync, it's at the start. i don't have any black screen in the middle

I'll keep you infored of my progress.

meanwhile i'll grant the point, as you offered lots already lots of hints.
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
Thank you.  

I'd try some other things on a back-up or copy of your source files since the generated wmv file was the result, but 'some' of the problems could be back at the source level before compiling/creating the movie if some of the sound, stills or video elements imported are on the 'sometimes' incompatible listing that could be at some of the sync problems on that system ... or isolating the first black still and see if there's an overlay or other element involved in the timeline view and if so, delete that frame and recheck....
elfieAuthor Commented:
yesterday I installed a fresh copy of Windows XP/SP2 (without any additional software or patches/updates).
at this point i tried to copy the move from the video camera and everything is now working fine.

For the moment my issues is solved. If i have som emore time i wil try to get patches and updates installed and verify if it keeps on working.
I'll keep you informed.
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