Is there a way to upgrade from openSuse Linux 10.1 to Suse 11.0 without having to reformat the entire HD?

I am looking for a way to upgrade from SUSE 10.1 to SUSE 11.0 without having to totally reinstall the system. Is there a way to do this or a tool that I could use to do this?
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If you are using a GUI, then you can use YaST to do this.

Open up YaST and go here:
Software -> Installation Source -> Add -> FTP

In the window that opens up type:

In the "Server Name" field:

In the "Directory on Server":

Once you've set up YaST to be able to upgrade, go back to YaST's software selection and choose "Software Management". Once that has loaded, change the Filter option to "Package Groups" in the top left, and select the "zzz All" group. Then right click on the package "aaa_base" on the right, and go to All in This List -> Update if newer version available.

Then click "Accept" to begin the update. Once it is done, you should restart your computer to finish the upgrade.
Or, if you've downloaded and burnt the DVD iso, simply boot from it and when yast starts select Upgrade.

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NEComputerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your response. Being fairly new to linux I didn't know that the upgrade option would be given when booting the new image. The other response given didn't work because in 10.1 the zypp has a corruption that was never fixed in that load but fixed in future upgrades. Thanks again for your time.
NEComputerAuthor Commented:
kylebk I knew of the Software Management upgrade but unfortunately I found that in SUSE 10.1 the zypp has a corruption that was never fixed in that load but fixed in future upgrades by simple replacing the controlling app. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to respond, your support is greatly appreciated.
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