How can I force Peachtree users to log out for Backup?

Peachtree Quantum 2007
Pervasive Software PSQL v9.1 Client

I have a prospect who is asking how to force their Peachtree users to log out to ensure that they get a good backup. I would think the users would not have to be out since it apparently uses a SQL database  but does anyone know about this?
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Bill BachPresident and Btrieve GuruCommented:
PeachTree uses the Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine.  You essentiually have two options for "good" backups:
1) Verify that all users are out.  You can do this in several ways:
  a) Have all users exit the application.  Ideally, also exit the PSQLv9 engine or shut down the PSQLv9 service that PeachTree installs for you.  Reboot if you're not sure, or if the program terminated abnormally.
  b) Use the Pervasive Monitor on the database "server" (typically the machine with the files, but not always) and select Microkernel/Active Users/Delete All Users.  To verify which machine is the gateway, use the Gateway Locator and point it at the PeachTree database folder.

2) Leave users in, but leverage Continuous Operations mode on the "server" machine.  Continuous Operations mode allows for on-line backups at any time of the day or night, and are very easy to script.  Get more information from in the white paper on Getting Proper Backups.

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akus1Author Commented:
Thanks Bill. So one way is just to re-boot the PCs that run Peachtree client. That's easy because I could script it to happen before the BU. Might the open Peachtree client lose something in Peachtree if they hadn't saved or would they not lose any Peachtree work because of the SQL DB?

Regarding method B, 1) Are you saying to use the "Gateway Locator" to figure out which machine has the "Pervasive Monitor"? 2) "Microkernel/Active Users/Delete All Users" sounds scary - does it simply disconnect the users? 3) Do you know if Microkernel/Active Users/Delete All Users can be automated or scripted to run before a BU?


akus1Author Commented:
Or re-boot the server.. Hmm.
Bill BachPresident and Btrieve GuruCommented:
With any method, rebooting, killing off users, etc., there is ALWAYS a possibility that if a user is still in the system, that he or she will lose the data that they are currently changing.  This is why using ContOps mode is a superior solution.

Yes, you can use the Gatewat Locator to figure it out.  Or, you can use a DOS command prompt to simply TYPE out the contents of the ~PVSW~.LOC file that will be in that folder.  If there is no such folder, then the odds are good that nobody is in the database at that time.

Deleting users simply terminates their database connection -- closes all files, releases all locks, undoes all transactions.  It is perfectly safe for the database (though, again, data in memory on the workstation can be lost).  You can use the free KillUser tool ( to delete all users from the command line.  KillUser is a subset of PSConfig, which offers a LOT more functionality, but for a price.
akus1Author Commented:
Thank you Bill. I have also referred my client to your website in case they might want more information on your training and PT consulting services. His name is Steve Hayes of Middleton and Meads in Baltimore. My name is Ray Smith of JustRight Technology in Baltimore.
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