HP Hard drives for HP DL 380 G5


I'm looking at the HP DL380 G5 and have seen that it takes 2.5" SFF disks and the maximum size is 72gb @ 15k.

If I was to configure raid 1 on the system drive and raid 10 on the data drive, effectively my data drive would be (6 disk array - no hotspare) 6 x 72gb / 2 = 216gb! I need 300gb just to be similar with our current fileserver!

Is there no such things as a 2.5" SFF 146gb that runs at 15k with dual ports? I can't find any.

Iwould need 146gb @ 10k 2.5" in this server I assume. Is this what other people do? Would buying the 10k dual ports mean I could use them in a SAn at a later date using Fibre channel? Is a 146gb 15k 2.5" in the pipeline?

Can you get something that will allow the DL380 to take the 3.5" disks?

I was hoping to virtualise a few servers on this server and would include Exchange and SQL so a RAID 10 would be optimal?

Also would a iscsi SAN with the 2.5" 10k 146gb cope on a virtualised platform?

Thanks for any help
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here they say :
Storage type

Hot plug 2.5-inch SAS
Hot plug 2.5-inch SATA
Max Drive Bays        8
Up to 8:
Hot plug SFF SAS 10K 36/72/146GB;
Hot plug SFF SAS 15K 36/72/146GB;
Hot plug SFF SATA 5.4K 60/120/250GB

so it should already be there. can't find the partnr
leegclystvaleAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I see the page which gave some hope.......... but you can't get the drives!!!! There are no such thing according to some suppliers!
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Should be available fairly soon when HP has finished ratifying the Seagate Savvio 15k.2 15K 146GB. Might be out today since there's an enormous update to the product buletins.

Dual-port is meaningless in a DL380 G5, they only use on port of the disk. You might look at the Dl 385 G5p (out today) it takes 16 SFF disks, 16 DIMMs, 2 AMD CPUs. You can then use a LeftHand Logic virtual SAN running under VMware.
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leegclystvaleAuthor Commented:
Thanks Andy. Any opinions on the other questions I asked? I'm really at a crossroads in our IT hardware provision and virtualisation and SANs is a big option but one I have no experience in so fairly fearful of it all. Any further help would be greatly appreciated
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
I guess it will be about a month for the 15K.2 to be available through HP, see http://www.storagereview.com/seagate_announces_savvio_15k_2 for example.

The 146GB 10K SFF are pretty fast, about half way in between 10K and 15K LFF disks. (seekk times are faster because platter is smaller).

None of the HP Proliant SAS disks can be used in a SAN at present whether 10K or 15K, hopefully they modify the front of the Dot Hill based MSA2000 so it takes Standard Proliant disks rather than the current "MSA2" style.

You can't modify the DL380 G5 to take 3.5" disks, at least not yet. Since the DL385 G5p has support for 16 SFF or 6 LFF there may be a DL385 G5p in the pipeline that supports LFF disks.

If you're going to virtualize Exchange and SQL then defniitely go with RAID 10 rather than RAID 5, the new DL585 G5p would be ideal for that since you can have more than 8 disks and shed loads of RAM.

If iSCSI is fast enough then LeftHand will let you use the internal server disks as iSCSI target under a VM, for server redundancy you can even have 2 or more LeftHand virtual appliances (on seperate servers) mirrored to each other.


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leegclystvaleAuthor Commented:
Thanks Andy. Will investigate!
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