How do I connect a usb drive to playstation 3

Can you connect a USB2 hard drive to a playstation 3
Paul BurrowsAsked:
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Make sure you format your USB to FAT32 first.

Check this out.

Another good link to read about with "network link between your PS3 & PC"

----------------Quote from above link.------

"I think you are asking about direct link via USB such as the Tornado. The tornado only works with Windows systems. (

I would suggest setting up a shared network drive between your PS3 and your PC.

I followed the instructions here:

and can access a shared drive on my Vista computer from my PS3 linux. "

Good luck.
Hi Zarbs,

Check out this full tutorial how to connect a usb drive to playstation 3:
Paul BurrowsAuthor Commented:
Thanks ... I'll check out tonight
Paul BurrowsAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much.  

My drive was initially pre-formatted in NTFS format which was a showstopper
glad to help.
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