How to handle kdysi.exe virus infection

My PC is infected with virus, but I cannot remove it.  I use msconfig and find out that a file called kdysi.exe is actively running, but cannot be stopped or remove.

Can anyone tell me how I can remove it OR do I need to format the whole harddisk?
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Hi cbgold:

The zlob.dns changer can be removed using the following guide:
Just run MalwareBytes, and maybe resetting the router if still necessary afterwards.
We need to see the MalwareBytes log report.

Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware to your desktop. check for Updates before scanning.

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cbgoldAuthor Commented:
I try to download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware to my desktop.  After I install to the PC, the menu seems to display in strange language which I don't understand.  Is it simplified Chinese version?  By the way, can this program kill the virus as well?
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It has multilingual support, but you should be able to choose English. I would not scan my system with a scanner if I don't know what's going on( in different language I mean)
Yes, MalwareBytes does remove a Zlob.DNS.changer plus sthe resetting the router if necessary.
Does it give you an option what language it should. 
cbgoldAuthor Commented:
Fantastic!  The virus is removed.  But it's rather strange.  The first time I install the program with unreadable menus.  I guess on the meaning, scan and kill the virus.  After reboot, the menu items of the Malware program becomes readable (in English).

Anyway, thanks for your help!
Yeah, it's strange that the first time you install it it seems to have defaulted in another language. This is the first time I've heard MBAM doing it.
Glad to know that the problem is now solved.
Thanks for the points and the grade!
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