Replaced LCD on laptop, doesn't work well now

Hi Experts

I had my laptop bag hit by a car few weeks ago, and LCD screen broke - everything else seems like working OK. I replaced the screen with the new compatible one (from Ebay), and it kinda works, however, the image is not 'smooth', and i can clearly see LCD displays' little pixels on the whole display. With the original display, the view quality was about 50% better (smoother, cripser), and this new one puts a lot of stress on my eyes.

I've checked refresh rate, switched different Resolutions around, re-installed/upgraded video drivers, Re-installed WindowsXP, but nothing helps.

I'm using the old inverter (the original one that came with the laptop) - can it be the problem? It does power on the display, just not so clearly...

few versions that i may have are: bad new LCD screen, bad old power inverter. Any way to test those?

I'd appreciate any thinking or comments on this one.

Thank You.
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pretty much the only way to test them is put them in a known good system to see if it makes it bad, or put in a known good part.
as for the screen, was was bad with the old one? did it look shattered? or not turn on?
it is likely that perhaps the shipping of the new unit from the ebay seller might have damaged it. the seller might have not packaged it well for the transport.
 I personally dislike getting computer parts from ebay, since you get no gaurentee that it will work. or what condition it will be when it arrives.

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Kaptain1Author Commented:

I guess i can narrow down my question:

If the old Power Inverter can 'power up' the LCD screen, does that mean that it's good? Or, there's a possibility that it's not 'fully' powering-up the new LCD?

The old display was cracked everywhere, but when i powered-on laptop, i could see the part of Windows Logo, and log-in screen. :/
well if it can power up the old lcd I would think that is it fine.
it could be a bad connection for the new screen.
other than that i don't know
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Kaptain1Author Commented:
Yeah, i'm kinda suspecting the connector too :/

Also, this Power Inverter gets very very hot, almost too hot to be able to touch it.

Anyone has any other suggestions?

You can test the inverter, but it has to be on and you have to have the right equipment: The catch is you have to know what "normal" readings are, and since it works to some extent, it's not going to be easy.  I tend to believe that the inverter was not damaged by the accident and it is more likely that the screen is not a perfect substitute for the original.
Kaptain1Author Commented:
I just noticed that the original screen was XGA, and i bought a higher resolution: SXGA+

Here's what seller replied:
Seems your original LCD is XGA and cable inverter  including motherboard bios is only supporting that resolution. I am not sure what  changes you need to do so you can upgrade your resolution to  SXGA+. Item   you bought is sxga+ but you computer is not accepting it  and running on low resolution. Dell always have these kind of issues. Their tech  support is of no use

Does anybody know if i can somehow make it work right with SXGA+?

Thank You
Get PowerStrip and see if you can create a custom resolution that matches the screen.  This will depend on how flexible the onboard video chip is.
Kaptain1Author Commented:
I tried downloading PowerStrip, and played with it for a bit, but changing resolutions didn't help, but didn't really find anything useful besides resolution change. I can change resolutions for up to 1600x1200 using default Intel tool, but the image is still very blurry.

Any other ideas?
Make sure you match the pixel resolution exactly, or it will be blurry - if you did that and it's still blurry, the screen may be the problem.  You can hook up an external monitor just to see if the video card is producing a sharp picture.
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