AOL Mail - moving to a new PC - we don't want to install the aol app. How do we move our email stored on the old PC to the AOL servers?

When using AOL's app, they let you keep your old mail on your computer or on their servers.   Moving to a new PC, we want to get the user to use to check mail / not install the AOL app.  but she's been storing old mail on her computer.  Is there a way to push them back to the aol server (so shows all her old mail, not just new mail going forward).

Is there a limit to how much aol lets you keep on their servers?

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Is there a way to push them back to the aol server (so shows all her old mail, not just new mail going forward).<< I  dont think you can get round this without re-installing the program.
America Online (AOL) uses a proprietary address book system.
Microsoft and AOL do not offer a way to import or export contacts between Outlook and AOL.
Once you have re-installed the AOL and have imported all her old emails back go here
and this guide you may find it of great help for users that wish to keep their mail after leaving AOL.
And how to remove AOL.
but there is a sequence to it.

Have all your contacts use a different email client is probably the best work around for the future.
Hope it assists and
Good Luck !!

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babaganooshAuthor Commented:
I'm not trying to get away from AOL.  Just to use their web based interface rather than the AOL app.  The old PC is working OK, so rather than move the mail to the new PC, I'd move the mail back to the server?

so I'm not sure if I worded it wrong, but outlook isn't involved/
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