How to enable a port in NOD32 Enterprise edition?

We use NOD32 Enterprise edition at our office, we recently faced an issue with remote control application (Synchronous Eye) this application is a remote control application for teachers where you can control students computers.

I've opened the ports used by this application, in the NOD32 firewall, but still i'm unable to run this application. Please help.

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EE_AutoDeleterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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tsultanAuthor Commented:
I have fixed this issue on my own.

First switch the firewall policy mode to "interactive mode" and then install all the applications and open all the non standard applications then the NOD32 will prompt you with dialog boxes, allow them all.
Go to your NOD32 antivirus server and create a task to capture the configuration of the pc which is on interactive mode, then save this configuration as .xml file. Then distribute this configuration file to all other computers in the network.

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