Opening a url on system default webbrowser from Command Prompt

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Hi Experts,

Do you know how to open a url on system default browser from Command Prompt?

I can open any url using Internet Explorer, but not on default system web browser.

For Internet Explorer I use the following command:
start iexplore ""

Thanks in advance for your help.
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you don't need even double quotes


It works only if you omit the double quotes. Now if I want to open the following in the default webbrowser what to do:

E:\a\New Project\src\main.html

start "E:\a\New Project\src\main.html" doesn't seems to work.

But you were right on my basic question.
Thanks a lot.  
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did you try start  E:\a\New Project\src\main.html
It works for me.


Look at the space between New and Project. When I try to open this it gives a error syaing:
Windows can't find "E:\a\New" ......

It doesn't take the full url for space
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Put another double quotes.

start "" "E:\a\New Project\src\main.html"

This first is actually specifying a title or you could name the title. You won't see it in this case though.

start "title" "E:\a\New Project\src\main.html"


Thanks all of you for your valuable guidance.

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