receiving 502 Bad Gateway error when attempting to connect to IIS server... BUT can connect with IP Address fine!

Hello experts.

I cannot connect to my server using (502 Bad Gateway error)

but I can connect using

I can't connect to anything on the server at all


The zone file on my ISP/registrar's server seems to be fine and when I ping it seems to pick up the IP.

I'm guessing it has something to do with firewall or IIS settings on my server. Please help!

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bignewfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Clever Bob,

I will need more info on this-  IIS logs which will show connection errors
Windows event logs on IIS server
and try WC3 Extended logging
Also, protocol analyzer such as wireshark to analyze http requests
Is there a proxy or ISA server upstream in this network?
Have your changed the IP address on the IIS virtual directories
or made any changes and not restarted IIS?
As a test, you could try opening port 53 (DNS) outbound in your firewall to allow DNS requests through
Praveen DMConnect With a Mentor Infra Team LeadCommented:
Plz check thi for a possible solution...
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