Microsoft, Windows XP Pro, SP3, HP WorkStation Connected to Domain, Automatic Shut Down When prepareing network connection

I have a HP workstation that has started to shutdown on bootup. After entering password for logon, Windows XP pro SP3 , When computer gets to Preparing network Connections, it pauses for 15 seconds then states it is closing network connections and proceds to shutdown computer. With cat5 cable unplugged it does the same. However I can start in safe mode with network connection and logon to the local computer only and surfe the net.
Work station has two raid 0 hard drives. Systen restore fails with erd commander, and also in safe mode.
Symantec endpoint protection reports no errors such as virus .
It almost acts like the old sasser w32 worm except windows never fully logons on. I get no NT authority message.
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
try running sfc /scannow from the run box
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