Shared network computers not showing consistenly on Leopard


I'm relatively new to the Mac world so pl excuse my ignorance. I'm using a Mac Book Pro and connecting to a linksys wireless router for internet and that is connecting to a 24 channel Hub

For the last 2 weeks my shared computers have been showing only a few or no computers sometimes. Keeps fluctuating....My signal is also quite strong.

I'm guessing because i have some automatic detection setting. I know that in window my windows domain name is "WORKGROUP" but i cant find anything on MAC.

Any ideas?? Thanks

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mmucomConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Ok so i guess it was AFB...which made them keep disappearing

so went to Finder

Command K ( Connect to Server) > and put


It connects to that computer..but i have to individually choose the comp i want to connect to...anyways solves my problem for now.

hope it helps someone else
strungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you using AFP or SMB to file share? Try turning on AFP if it is off:
mmucomAuthor Commented:
Dont do i check that?? M trying to connect to do i do that?? or where do i put the IP to connect to apart from the IP of my connected linksys's not even showing the Computers in the side bar

Saw the link...couldn find the solution...I went to Go > Connect to Servers > add to favourites

it's aski ng for afp:// ....  Put WORKGROUP...but didnt work...said failed to connect
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