Which antivirus/antispam/network security solution is better


I have to make a choice for our company as far as the network and client security is concerned and I have the following choices:

1) CA Antivirus + Antispyware + Secure Content Manager + Threat Manager
2) Kaspersky workspace security European edition +  Businesspace/Enterprisespace
3) Symantec Endpoint Protection
4) Microsoft Forefront (Forefront Sec ExchangeSvr, Forefront Sec SvrMgtCnsl)
5) Applicance ASTARO (Includes Firewall, Intrusion Protection, VPN) + Mail Security Subscription + Web Security Subscription

We use Windows Server 2003 + Exchange.

Which solution is better? I think about option 2 + 5. Will this be enough? Or should I also obtain Forefront for exchange protection?
I would really appreciate your advises.
Thank you!

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JoWickermanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Zaurb,

Kaspersky would be my personal choice in the list you provided. You can actually have a look at Trend as well. We're using Trend in a very big organization and it's easy to configure and have so many options that you can install.

Symantec and CA products have the tendancy to use too much system resources on server and work stations. Thus I would suggest to stay away, unless you have rather powerful machines.

Hope this helps.

acmpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There really isn't that much to chose from between the AV vendors for desktop scanning/exchange server scanning, Kaspersky is as good as Norton/McAfee...

I think you're right with the teared approach of a gateway appliance and separate Exchange server product.  I assume you will also have some server AV on the exchange server (remember to exclude the Exchange DB's from file level scanning) +client av on the workstations.

Contrary to Jo I'm happy with Norton/CA and don't see the system resource usage is a bad thing.  I'd rather be protected and lose some resource than have all my resources and no protection.  This is an emotive area so feel free to disagree.
ZaurbAuthor Commented:
I tend to select applicance ASTARO (120/220) + Kaspersky business space + forefront for exchange.
But if I have first two products wouldn't forefront be unnecessary?
Yeah, I think that might be a bit of an over-kill... That's to say if forefront will work in conjunction with anything else. I would drop forefront rather.
Mark DamenConnect With a Mentor ERP System ManagerCommented:
For a small footprint, very efficient AV client for both servers and desktops, check out NOD32.

NOD32 seems excellent, it updates regularly throughout the day, I've found their support to be excellent, good on price too.  I also like that you can add licenses at a pro-rata rate.  If you get half way through a year long license of 100 PCs, you can add more and only pay between then and the expiry date, so that they all still expire on the same date.
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