Add additional node in CCR Cluster of Exchange 2007

I have installed CCR Clustering of Exchange Server 2007 in Main Office, Working fine. Now I want to add one server that will be the member of main office CCR in Branch office. For this what will be the prerequisites and steps (in brief) so that I could add Exchange cluster Server  successfully in Branch office.

Kindly suggest me on this............Thanx in advance.......
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AmitTankConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are using CCR - Exchange 2007 then you can have maximum 2 nodes in cluster since it is active-passive file share quorum witnes model.

"Exchange 2007 RTM and Exchange 2007 SP1 support a maximum of two nodes that have the Mailbox server role installed (one active and one passive) in a CCR environment." -

If you are using SCC - Exchange 2007 then you can have more than 2 nodes.
You can not have more than 2 nodes in CCR.

You can think of SCR to replicate data to standalone server but it requires manual failover if both nodes in CCR go down.
Managing Standby Continuous Replication
mahtab786_dbiAuthor Commented:
you mean I can not add more than two node as we can in exchange 2003 (one active and no of passive.).

please clarify.............
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