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Does Text changed event work on ASP Pages. I want the event to be trigerred after i type in a character in a textbox. I have set the autopostback to true on the textbox but the event is only trigerred after i click on another control which will submit the form. I even tried registering the event at startup in javascript like tboContent.Attribute.Add("OnChange","return TxtChange();") but still diint work.
 protected void tboContent_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
        if (tboCharacters.Text.Length <= 160)
            tboCharacters.Text = Convert.ToString(160 - Convert.ToInt64(tboContent.Text.Length - 1));
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tboContent.Attribute.Add("OnBlur","return TxtChange();")
Hie, Thank you for your response but i didnt work, its just working the same as onchange, i will have to send a postback using other controls.

Thank you
Text Changed event fires with a full postback when the TextBox control looses its focus, in another word, when the cursor moves away from the TextBox to another control such as using Tab or clicking a button, etc.


Thank you very much guys,
I finally figured out how to solve this, the "onkeyup event" doesnt need a postback and its updating the other textbox perfectly without a postback.

Thnak you very much

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