How to seamlessly configure an AppleMAC to join a domain (SBS2003 server)?

How can I configure an AppleMAC to join an SBS2003 R2 Domain and seamlessly use the RDP, Terminal Services, VPN and OWA?
I am not a MAC user?

1. SBS2003 R2 domain - No issues
2. Behind a Firewall with all relevant ports open for SMTP, POP3, RDP, Terminal Services etc.
3. Need 2 MACs [Unknown OS at this time (1 new notebook & one 2yrs old)]
4. Need to use RDP, Terminal Services and OWA - seamlessly
5. I am a MAC novice (never turned one on?)

What do I need to do: Please include actions including: adding which protocols, and step by step guide when on the MAC.

Thanks AT
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Adam GrahamConnect With a Mentor Enterprise ArchitectCommented:
RDP comes with Mac office. OWA should work normally.

See the following link for articles around Macintosh and SBS.

Hope this helps


strungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can download the MS Remote Desktop Connection for Mac:

It works just about the same as for WIndows.

You can use OWA to get mail in a Mac, just the same as in Windows using any Mac browser. But you cannot use the "Connect to my computer at work" option in the Remote Web Workshop because that requires an Activex component which will not run on a Mac.

See also: and especially the links in the right hand side bar.
strungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the Macs are Intel chip Macs running OS X, then Crossovers for Mac will allow you to run the Windows version of Internet Explorer to use the full Remote Web Workshop:

Alternatively, you could purchase VMWare Fusion for Mac and run WinXP or VIsta inside a window in the Mac OS for full Windows compatibilty. For this and other solutions to run Windows on a Mac, see:
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heteronymousConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A tall order here...

For acclimatizing yourself with Mac OS X in general, you might want to work through

The problem with SBS is typically it defaults to a .local name and OS X handles that differently.
If that's the case with you (for the internal nomenclature for your server) then onn the Mac clients, in
System Preferences > Network
for the active network port (Ethernet hopefully, wireless adds too much latency), under DNS
add the search domain: local

See  (10.4 and later section).

Then on the client, you should try to bind it to your server (this assumes you are using Active Directory, which you probably are, bearing in mind the default OU's you must adhere to for SBS )
on the Mac OS X client, use
/Applications/Utilities/Directory Utility  (might be "Directory Access" in 10.4, was previously).
But the use of that tool starts to get beyond the scope of your multi-faceted question here.

Common pitfalls for those working with Mac OS X and AD, is that OS X expects fully working DNS (forward and revers lookups), that are consistent with your AD namespace, not disparate.
If the Mac client can't do a proper DNS lookup for your server, then get that remedied first.
OWA will work fine. Alternately, you could invest in Office for Mac (Entourage offering the best Mac  Exchange client for the moment), but the current version (2008) which is best for Intel Macs, does not support MS VB scripting for Macros. Sad but true - said to return one day, but not there now.
Admin_TechAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much for the answers.
Good support
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