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3G router with external antenna

I am in an area with no broadband access so I currently have a Huawei E220 USB modem from Three on top of a mast with a long USB cable.  This is not ideal and the software keeps freezing.
I would like to install a 3G router, I have seen some advertised on the web.  I would need an external antenna for the 3G signal because it is very week.
Has anybody a working setup like this?  I am in Ireland but I think any system that works in the UK would be fine here too.
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Unfortunately, it does not appear that the E220 accepts an external antenna.
So besides a router, antenna and cable, you would need a different 3G adapter.

antenna - http://3gstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=63&products_id=275
Novatel U720 - http://3gstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=63&products_id=807
CradlePoint CTR-350 - http://3gstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=63&products_id=610

Get the 'lightning arrestor' and adapters if it will be mounted outside, and properly ground that 'arrestor'. Note that it's not really an arrestor - if lightning hits your antenna, nothing is going to save electronics hooked to the other end, and anyone that tells you otherwise doesn't know what they're talking about... its purpose is to keep the antenna at the same potential as the nearby ground plane so the antenna does not *attract* lightning... so without the 'arrestor' the chances are greater that your antenna will take a strike eventually.

There are other vendors besides 3gstore.com... I'm not shilling for them, that's just an example.
That looks similar to a ''Wilson Trucker'' antenna, but since they don't use the Wilson brand name there I'm not sure that it is. I do NOT recommend the little plastic (satellite dish shaped) 'booster' antenna they sell, btw.
Mag mount antennae generally use the metal they stick to as the majority of their ground plane, so unless you have a large sheet of steel to stick it to (such as the roof of a car or pickup, with no sunroof), don't get a mag mount antenna.
iepaulAuthor Commented:
That is what I am looking for but this is all American,would this work in UK/Ireland?
Ahhh...  I don't think there's any 1xRTT/CDMA/EVDO in the UK... it appears to be all GSM/UMTS/HSDPA there.

Those antennae/cables and routers marked HSDPA should work, but I don't find anything but EVDO type adapters on the 3gstore.com site.  And a quick search of GSM/UMTS/HSDPA USB modems available doesn't turn up any with external antenna connectors, either.  :-|

*looks* like it may have an external jack, under that cover on the top edge near the USB plug. Hard to tell for sure without seeing it in person. The description says ''external interface'' but doesn't really explain what that means.
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