general ideas for using a calendar control to set availability

I am after some general advice.

I have a calendar control and wanted a user to be able to click on cells of the month and change the background colour of the cell to set different types of availability for that day, so on first click would change to red to show booked etc, then when they hit save i would do a check on the background colour and save the status to the database.

it seems there is no onclick event for a day of a calendar so am after alternate ways to allow the user to set availability status for a particular day.

does anyone have any ideas, is there a "normal" way of doing this?
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An alternative to your approach would be to use a calendar in conjunction with a dropdownlist of the available statuses.
On the calendar you can use the ondaycreated event to override the background colour to illustrate availability. Use onselecteddatechanged to select the date and choose the correct status from the dropdown. The dropdown selectedindexchanged event be used to alter the availability data and cause the calendar to redraw.

Beyond this I think you are in to the realms of custom controls in every date on the calendar... e.g. changing every date in the calendar to a button which itself has an onclick which toggles availability for its date.

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scm0smlAuthor Commented:
i have got my date ranges selected now so will have a dropdown to allow the user to select the status for the selected date range then set the background colour of the cell based on the value of the dropdown.
scm0smlAuthor Commented:
we are getting there :)
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