Laptop freezing

We have a hp nx6110 laptop which has started playing about recently.  
It would freeze alot, initially when trying to move the cursor it would be a bit erraditc moving here and there and a slow reponse from it.  Then at times it would do this and then freeze.  

It seems to be a hardware related issue.  
I plugged the harddrive from another nx6110 we have into it and the same problem was occuring.  

Is there anything obvious it could be? Or any tests I can do to check to see what is causing this problem?
It it now out of it's 3 year care pack warranty by a month.  
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you can check the cpu temperature with speedfan :      
or in the bios
also repalcing the heatpast can help, if the temp is too high.
Cleaning out all fans and vents should be done also !
harris9999Author Commented:
Does that tell you what normal temperature etc should be?
Or what is normal?
can run the memory test by using:

if it show errors, then the RAM is causing the problems ..... Hope this help .....
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bo - you have tpo google it for your cpu model; here a list :
If the CPU temperature goes over 60 C, HDD and motherboard over 30 C, then it is overheating
harris9999Author Commented:
Ok Memory test was fine.  
Don't think there is much problem with the heat either.  
Anything else to try?
i suppose you have no minidumps ? post them if you have any
also check event viewer for problems
harris9999Author Commented:
Minidumps? Is that a screen dump?
I noticed that when it booted up one time it mentioned an error with a usb device when there was nothing plugged in.  So I uninstalled them in device manager and rebooted and they reinstalled.  
Now monitoring it.  
If like that, I would suspect is cause by the motherboard where the fan not running properly / damage motherboard ...... Good Luck !!!!
harris9999Author Commented:
When I reinstalled the usb devices the problems started occuring again.  the USB devices in the device manager have been disabled for a week now and it has been working fine.

Should the usb port just be replaced on teh laptop then?

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>> When I reinstalled the usb devices the problems started occuring again.  the USB devices in the device manager have been disabled for a week now and it has been working fine.

If like that, try to update the USB Drivers under Device Manager .... It will auto search for the USB drivers online ...... if still cannot, then is the USB port issue, either replace the whole motherboard or use another additional PCMCIA card as suggested ...... (if is still under warranty, go for the replacement as it is free of charge)

Cheers !!!
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