Boot Acronis True Image v9 Server using PXE from Microsoft RIS Server will fail...

Hi !

We using in our enviroment an Windows RIS Server for OS deploy. This works good without any problems. But i have to say that RIS server is something that i'm not really similiar with.

Also we using True Image v9.x Enterprise Server. There is an option to create an true image recovery disk to the RIS server. When i doing that the setup will copy the files into: (risserver)\RemoteInstall\Setup\English\Acronis\i386\Templates.

When i then boot using PXE i see an new entry called "Acronis Recovery" besides of my other normal OS setups.
But if i select Acronis i got an error message:

Starting Acronis Loader...
Downloading  OSChooser/i386/startrom.cfg
Downloading startrom.cfg...
Acronis Loader:  No configuration file present.
<press enter to reboot>

The first thing i see: There is no "startrom.cfg" in the "OSChooser/i386/" ...  How/from where i get this thing?

... and the second:  "No configuration file present"

Anyone has done this with an RIS server? I did a search at Acronis Support site but did not find useful informations about.

it seems it's only a configuration problem ... :(-

thank you
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Try using the method explain here... it also tells what to do if there is any failure in booting
digifineEFXAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but this is a Press-Release / Review (for Workstation..) - it does not help me anything.
That bootable disk was meant to go on a DVD/CD rom. Create a CD/DVD reboot disk. Then, go to the RIS server and change your boot sequence/order to access your CD/DVD ROM prior to booting to the hard drive. That will load a GUI shell that is pretty user friendly and will allow you to lay down your image pretty easily.

What it is looking for is that Boot disk on a CD/DVD ROM.

Also Acronis requires you have 9.1 boot disk for a 9.1 image. In other words, you can not use a 8.0 bood disk for a 9.1 image. So, the version has to be correct.
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digifineEFXAuthor Commented:
Ah, No...  LOL

I don't want to boot my RIS server with an Acronis Recovery CD/DVD....

I want to be able that every Server and Workstation (if needed) can boot via  -PXE- (Network Boot) the Acronis Client. That's why i can create an RIS server boot package.

My Problem is not how to use Trueimage. My Problem is the RIS configuration FOR the Acronis PXE Client...

Those files for 9.1 were designed to burn to a CD/DVD disk, (hence the link to "create a bootable media). I wish knew of a way for PXE boot to work for acronis 9.1, but I couldn't figure out a way. I had to resort to CD/DVD boot disks, (one per operating system and an additional one if I was on a different version of Acronis.)

startrom.cfg, is a group of settings to communicate with your CD/DVD rom drive.

What drivers does acronis for basic Network settings and NIC drivers? None that I know of in 8, 9 or 10 versions of Acronis.  

digifineEFXAuthor Commented:
... but then i don't get the point why the recovery application will (automatically-) create an entry/menu on my RIS server with description etc. - for what is that good for? i mean they say that i can use an PXE recovery boot mode instead of the cd/dvd recovery disc.

regarding the network drivers: our version 9 recovery -dvd- works fine with the two integrated NICs in our DELL 2950 /2970 servers and even i have an machine with an unsupported NIC i can attach an USB disk to the system for image restore.
Sorry I have been compacent in responding. I did take the opportunity to talk to one of my coworkers. He said the PXE boot option is valid, but you need a set of boot files per machine that you plan to use the PXE option on. The BIOS keeps a copy of very generic drivers for the NIC, when configured to use PXE boot. That will point to the PXE location to boot from, the boot up files are located on a Network accessible storage and act as a boot disk. But, you must have those boot files for each node you plan to PXE boot or Install from.

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digifineEFXAuthor Commented:
Hi, thanks for the answer and sorry for my late response - being in holiday right now :)- I will check and will response/give points when i'm back.  (next week).
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