simple one. what does the tilda backslash mean in urls?

Hi there,
I ve been working with menu controls and I ve noticed when you make hyperlinks to pages on the site it uses the tilda backslash in links. e.g. ~/FolderName/FileName.aspx
Is it something to do with the project root?

I have the following structure.  
+ ShowUsers
|_ +  Online
    |_ default1.aspx
   +  Denied
    |_ +  Example
        |_  default2.aspx

Normally, to make a link to default1.aspx from default2.aspx I would have used /ShowUsers/Online/default1.aspx
but thats assuming that the project is deployed to a virtual directory with the same name as the project.
It would be much better to use ~/Online/default1.aspx.
Is this right?
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yes you are right ,~ menas root directory

if  you deployed to a virtual directory with the same name as the project( that here is "ShowUsers") then root directory will be ShowUsers

i.e : "~" = "ShowUsers\"
osionAuthor Commented:
Thats great! thanks for the rapid reply!
If the virtual directory was ShowUsersNew it would still work then?
yes... but you should use "~/folderName/pageName.aspx" like format
osionAuthor Commented:
brilliant. thanks so much. been playing about with it and couldnt get any meaningful search results in google :)
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