Is the attached CORAL File Corrupt?

I am having trouble opening the attached file with my current CORALDRAW 10 version. I was told if I bought a newer verision this file can be opened. So the question is, is this true. I dont see why this CDR file that was created using Illustrator (software) cannot be opened using my CORAL 10 unless the file or my current version 10 is bad, corrupt or outdated. By the way I am not permitted to attach a .CDR file so how do I get you this full information so it can be determined?
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I am not sure but I suspect the issue is this: files created by a certain version of Illustrator can only be opened by a certain version of Corel, which only makes sense as both have proprietary elements to their software and both have to incorporate changes that the other makes to its software.
So, (for example only) let say Corel 10 opens Illustrator 8 no problem. Then, illustrator upgrades to version 9. There is every reason to believe that Corel 10 will not be able to open Illustrator 9, or it may have issues or corruption etc.
I cannot verify whether this is the case with the files you have since you have not told us what version of Illustrator created the file in questions, but I am willing to bet it is true.

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MartykatzAuthor Commented:
I am currently using CoralDraw Ver 10 and Illustrator Ver 2.
What do you think??
How can I get you the File (.CDR) to you so it can be determined if its a corruption problem?

First of all, I think you mean that you are using Illustrator CS2. Illustrator 2 hasn't been around for about... a long time. I think CS2 is = Illustrator ver. 12.

Second, I don't use Corel Draw. I have an extreme bias against it from years in the printing industry.

Third, if it is an illustrator file that you are trying to open, why does it have the .cdr (corel draw) suffix?

Fourth, you could try changing the suffix to .jpg and uploading it. I can try opening it with Illustrator, but that is the best I can offer.
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MartykatzAuthor Commented:
1- You are correct it is CS2,

2- I received a .CDR file that was created on  CS2 that I cant open on Coral 10. I am having a bit more sucess on the new Coral ( think its called X4).

3- I can convert .cdr to .jpg cause I cant open it. I will need to purchase Illustrator open the .ai file (this is the originalfile) and then convert to .jpg  - which defeat the whole purpose of my question anyway.

4- Do you find using illustrator easier then Coral or should I say if I am acustomed to Coral how is the Learning curve if I switch to Illustrator.
MartykatzAuthor Commented:
3-  That is I cant Convert .cdr to .jpg because.....
OK, I think you misunderstood:
example: your file is named filename.cdr
change it to filename.jpg
then try to upload it.
Is it possible to get another version of the file from the person who originally saved it as .cdr?
It's not that I find illustrator easier, it is that I have found illustator more reliable and had less problems with it. I spent about 15 years +/- in the printing industry (commercial prepress) and we always had many, many more problems getting corel draw files properly prepared for printing than we did Illustrator.
In the above example, I can just change the filename back to filename.cdr and work with it after I download it.
MartykatzAuthor Commented:
Attached is picture of error I am getting when I try to open up this file. This file was created on Illustrator CS2 and saved as a .CDR File (so that I can open it if I need to using CORAL 10 or newer version 12 so that I can adjust the graphics)
When I try to open this file using CORAL 10 or 12  I just cant (see attached error message) so I cant even open it to convert it. Why do you think I have trouble opening this. Is it a setting, what filter is presenting this issue, or is it that this file Just cant be opened any longer.  Thanks
Honestly, without being able to look at the original illustrator file, I can only guess. Most likely there is a special filter or affect that corel cannot interpret.
MartykatzAuthor Commented:
thanks for trying
MartykatzAuthor Commented:
Thanks for trying
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