How can I access /home or /remote site on WHS via HTTPS?

WHS (Windows Home Server) installed and running with static IP  Router has static LAN IP of and static public IP on WAN.  Name resolves to IP from WAN (  Forwarded ports on router for 80, 443, 4125 (plus 3389).  Receive 'HTTP Error 403.4 - Forbidden: SSL is required to view this resource.' when trying to access via http but cannot access /home or /remote via HTTPS from LAN or WAN.  Receive: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage' when using HTTPS. Tried to check certificate in IIS and could not open View Certificate.  Exported certificate and then reattached (there were 2 available - one for WHS and on for  The current certiificate is from GoDaddy, is current and matches  Yes I restarted IIS.  Would like to resolve without reinstalling all of the software for the server if possible.  [WHS runs IIS6 w/ASP.NET 2.0]   Your assistance in getting this resolved would be greatly appreciated.    
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nctgConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
No solution here.  Please close this thread.

Thanks, Karen
Praveen DMInfra Team LeadCommented:
Does your home server respond to there from the plaz from were you are trying to access your site.

1. Telnet IP 80t
2. telnet IP 443
3.Ping IP -t

** Any Firewall or Local AV scannerws in any of the PC source or destination. ?
** If you need to access the system for file transfer then you can use tools like..

PCanywere, TeamViewer 2.x ( Secured ) Etc...

If the above is not the case then you can try this ..

****  DynDns

Plz try these multiple options and you would find them usefull in future if not now..Let me know if you got some sol from my reply...
nctgAuthor Commented:
I got the same result directly on the server when trying to open the URLs..  Have Trend Micro WFBS 5.0 on the server (AV).  Scheduled scan not enabled.  Windows Firewall has ports open and verified.  What does DynDns have to do with this?  I have/use static IPs.  My ISP is SpeakEasy.  Now planning to reinstall/restore which will probably be much quicker and provide better results.  I was hoping there might be a Windows Home Server expert around here.  Thanks for trying.      
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Praveen DMInfra Team LeadCommented:
You would get solution here...
nctgAuthor Commented:
Is there something missing from the last post?  I see nothing after 'You would get solution here...'  I'm a Granny (of 3) and don't understand your point in the last post.  Maybe you're back referencing the reinstall/restore and then again maybe you're referencing DynDNS.    

Karen Christian
Praveen DMInfra Team LeadCommented:
Hi Karen..Sry... I just wished you get a solution fom someone here .... Nothing more from my end was missing in my last post... Cheers Good Luck...
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