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Hi I am after some software that I can put on my server that will monitor my adsl connection. Basically I want to see what % we are running at as im getting slow speeds and believe that I may just be using the line at maximum capacity, so if thats the case then will try to incease the speed of the line.
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Rich RumbleConnect With a Mentor Security SamuraiCommented:
You can run Ntop (ported to windows if you need that: ) if you have a wifi router running dd-wrt the ClearSite Project or might be a solution for you. SNMP must be enabled, otherwise I'd recommend running Ntop on your PC to see what BW is being used. Also, some providers, such as Comcast, are sending an enormous amount of reset packets to customers using Bit-Torrent software and slowing down more than just their downloading, it affects all other connections too.
Again comcast isn't the only one... Don't use those "speed tests", they are not good at anything, I have T1's to OC'3, and they are never accurate, even if util is 0, the speed test is more a measure of browser speed than BW speed.  
delboytriggerAuthor Commented:
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