How to set flag/bookmark on to datagridview rows......


i want to make a simple function to set flag on my datagridview rows. Datagridview is containing a lots of transactions and i want to make function to set flag on transaction i want to set flag on...?!
private void FlagTransactions()
            //MoneyDBDataSet.CountriesRow row = countries[0] as MoneyDBDataSet.CountriesRow;
            //DsReconItems.MatchItemRow[] drows = (DsReconItems.MatchItemRow[])dsReconItems1.MatchItem.Select("Reconciled_ID = " + kPair.Key.ToString());
            DataGridViewRow row = ReconManuallyGridView.CurrentRow;
            int flagColIndex = ReconManuallyGridView.Columns["Amount"].Index;
            DataGridViewCell cell = ReconManuallyGridView.CurrentRow.Cells[flagColIndex];
            cell.Value = row.Flag;

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AdnanAuthor Commented:
In order to create a custom property, you would need to create a CustomDataGridViewRow that inherits from DataGridViewRow. You could use Tag property instead.
AdnanAuthor Commented:
Hmm oki, i dident understand how to create a custom property, and i have searched alot on google to find out how to set mark/flag/ or bookmar a row, but there no good samples out there.... :(

Can somone help me with this?
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AdnanAuthor Commented:
My problem is that I need to allow the user to bookmark a specific row and then easily return to that row after scrolling through the grid.
You would add new class called CustomDataGridView and inherit from DataGridView control. Then you would add new property

Then you would need to add this control on a form instead of DataGridView. If you want to replace existing one, go to the form designer window and replace DataGridView with CustomDataHridView manually in code.

I still understand why don't you use DataGridViewRow.Tag property to flag it?

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AdnanAuthor Commented:
Hi Priest04:

 I want ability to bookmark so that you can jump between the bookmarked transactions, and mark one or several transactions with colour a flag like in outlook

and i dided as you was saying by using property Tag

 private void FlagTransactions()
            foreach (DataGridViewRow dr in ReconManuallyGridView.Rows)
                dr.Tag = "Michael Sync";

AdnanAuthor Commented:
gonadn, it seems that you expect that we sit here and wait to answer to someone's question. Most of us here work, too, so you need to be patient.

I do not understand what exactly are you trying to do. I don't use Outlook so I am not aware of its options. The code you have written will work. So, what is it that troubles you?
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