Is there any simple device to test DSL connections?

Is there any hardware device that can be used to test the speed / reliability of a DSL connection?

I would like to use it in a small office connection with 5 computers. The normal software / site tests seams not reliable at all...specially when done in 1 Pc and other people is using internet...

Any recommendation?
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iceblockConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The short answer is not for the consumer, there isn't.  The best way to get a feel for normal operation of your connection is to benchmark it.  You'll need to run several tests under different conditions to see how the connection is generally performing - this is because there are so many variables affecting the stability and performance of an ADSL connection.  

There are myriad tests available to your ISP, although the severity and frequency of the problem generally dictates which guns they'll bring out.  Some issues affecting performance and connectivity include everything from a poor connection at your location or circuit provisioning.  


Look inside the DSL router/modem menus for the line specs and (optinally) log files, These params reperesent the major considerations that determine the speed, quality and reliability of your connection.
Some ADSL modems show more information than others on the statistics page.  Two things to consider though: 1) What is the performance of the DSL service within the Provider network? and 2) What is the performance of the DSL service to a speedtest website.  If you ran traceroutes and can see basically  the last hops from your Provider before you get to the next ISP,  then you can perhaps use tools like PingPlotter or SmokePing to measure the throughput within the DSL network.  Then compare those results to Internet sites and see where your speed starts to diminish.
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