Connect Exchange 2003 to Gmail

I'm connecting sbs exchange 2003 to gmail which is working but sending emails shows the name of the person correctly but from email is the email address making authentication.  I'm converting to passing email through gmail because we can not afford junk mail filters/virus filters for exchange and they are getting blacklisted because of this. Other problem is I can't convert to pop3 accounts because of shared calendars already in exchange and not converting the calendars to gmail.  They decided gmail calendars were more cumbersome then outlook/exchange.  

Anyone know how to get around the authentication/from email issue?
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MrLonandBConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In Exchange System Manager > Global Settings > Internet Message on it and go to the properties of the properties of the "Default", then to the "Advanced" tab and check "Preserve Senders Name..." and see if that will do it.
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