How to fix 'Find on This Page' CTRl+F in Internet Explorer 8 Beta?


I have upgraded my browser from IE7 to Internet Explorer 8 Beta, and ever since the CTRL+F shortkey doesn't work in my browser. This is found in the [Menu], [Edit], [Find on this Page].
How can help? Thanks.
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TicketMan--IE8 is beta, as you have mentioned.  So there are some hiccups.  You could uninstall and reinstall.
If this is the only problem, could you just live with Edit|Find on this Page?  It probably will not be long before another version of IE8 is offered anyway.
TicketManAuthor Commented:
Edit|Find on this Page doesn't work either using the Menu, it's not just the shortkeys that don't work. Sorry that wasn't made so clear of me earlier on. I have already re-installed IE 8, I can't imagin that they broke this standard feature with the new version.
TicketManAuthor Commented:
I have decided to uninstal the IE8 Beta version and go back to Internet Explorer 7 instead, which does not pose such problem.
TicketMan--Do the two shortcuts now work again in IE7?  I hope so.
Microsoft offers a site where you can give feedback on IE8.  (click Contact Us)
Also note that IE8 is now in Beta 2.  I do not know if you had that.

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TicketManAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help. I decided not to use the Beta and go back to IE7.
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