ISA 2004 VPN to VPN Router Configuration


We have a current network as attached, running Windows 2003 Server, Exchange, SQL and ISA 2004, we do not want to use the ISA for VPN, but 2 Watchgaurd VPN Boxes, I have setup the Watchguards witha VPN tunnel between the two sites, but the ISA Complains about the network, could you please guide me or point me in the right direction, to setup the ISA to except the Network and allow me to acces the resources on the Network.

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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your ISA and the watchguard have external access at site A.  You need to define a route on the ISA for traffic destined to to be sent through the watchguard device. i.e. you define the gateway for the network to be  You would also need to define the as "trusted" on the ISA or setup specific rules to allow 192.168.8.x IPs to access whatever resources you want to allow the remote workstations to access. Goes through a step-by-step process overview.
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