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SQL 2000 Transaction Log and "DBCC SHRINKFILE"


I've got a problem with an SQL Server in that the transaction log has grown too large and filled the disk.

As such, I performed a backup of the transaction logs, and then tried to use the DBCC SHRINKFILE T-SQL command to shrink the file.

However, when I run the command it immidiately returns "The command(s) completed successfully" and nothing happens to the file.

I tried to run it using SQL Server Management Studio 2005 from another machine in the domain, and the graphical interface here confirms that the log file is 97% free space, but again when I run it it says "Executing" for a few seconds, and completes without error, again without changing the size of the log file.

There is nothing in the EventLog that suggests an error either.

This is the T-SQL command I ran (though I have tried several other permutations): -

What am I doing wrong???

Thanks in advance.
1 Solution
run CHECKPOINT stetement before shrinking.
then run DBCC SHRINKFILE (N'pacs_oltp_log1' , 1).

but these measures will not effect when you initially created too large logfile. In that case you should move log to new file and delete old file.

also, I can advice to change recovery model from full to simple to decrease Logfile growth.

SafeserveAuthor Commented:
Hi, thanks for the help.

No luck with CHECKPOINT either, but once I changed it to simple it shrank correctly.
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