Problem with NAT/Masquerading on SG300

My problem specifically is with NAT/Masquerading, when I turn it off I can nolonger pass traffic from the local LAN to the remote network. I can ping devices on the remote network from the SG300 with NAT disabled so I know it's not as if the link has dropped. I have even tried disabling the firewall using SnapGears custom firewall script, but still no joy. Does anybody have any ideas?

These are my config settings below. They are very basic, because the router is internal and not doing very much.

GW: none
FW Class - LAN

GW none
FW Class - Internet

route: mask gateway (remote office)

Note* - for those unfamiliar with SnapGear please keep in mind that on the SG300 the FW Class is fixed. It cannot be modified.
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oztrodamusConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I've resolved the problem. The simple answer is RIP. The SG300 does not support RIP and it was RIP that was being used on the remote network router to route the packets, and not a static route.
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