How do you write a C# application that can parse simple JavaScript - where to start?


A vague question, but I'm wondering how you would go about parsing a scripting language in managed code. I'm sure it's not simple, but have no idea where I'd start.

Say I wanted a C# windows forms application that was able to accept user input in the form of Javascript such as:

function showMessage( var message )

or maybe something more complex.

If I wanted to design something myself (and not use a library or engine) that could parse this script and replicate it in managed code - how is this done? (regardless of whether it's a good idea or not)

Obvioulsly there's plenty of programs out there that do this such as web browsers...

Can anybody give me any advice.
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In other words, you want to create a interpreter/compiler ?
CognizeAuthor Commented:
Yes, more an interpreter I guess?
I never done something similar, but i guess you need to define what king of functions your app will support.
If you want to support ALL javascript functions you're done :)
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CognizeAuthor Commented:
What do you mean I'm done? Is there support in .NET?
I'm mean that you're going to have a hard work.
You want to do that for what propose?

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CognizeAuthor Commented:
Just for interest really.

I just want an idea of how a developer might go about such a task.
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